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History & Vision

Establishment and evolution of STOP FIRE G.TTOFATZIAES L.T.D rested on George Ttofatziaes? love for natural environment and his intrinsic need to offer and service. He was a volunteer fireman from the age of 16. Later, he joined Cyprus Fire Brigade as a permanent fireman, where he had the basic education and acquainted himself with the danger of fire and fire extinguishment.

His vision to offer even more to the fire- protection field, and the inspiration and support of his wife, Maria, led him to leave the Fire Department and establish the STOP FIRE G.TTOFATZIAES L.T.D IN1985.

With both enthusiasm and deep sense of responsibility, from the very beginning they set knowledge and evolution as the fundamental principles of STOP FIRE G.TTOFATZIAES L.T.D.

The pursuit of knowledge drove the company to seek the necessary education and specialization and to acquire international certifications for every field of action, even prior these certifications were a legal prerequisite. STOP FIRE G.TTOFATZIAES L.T.D has been the first company in Cyprus to have international certification it the field of Maintenance & refill of fire extinguishers.

Most important, STOP FIRE G.TTOFATZIAES L.T.D always contributes to the public education and sensitization by regularly organizing theoretical and practical seminars on fire protection and extinguishment.

The attitude for evolution led us to search of new, more efficient, fire extinguishing systems and to specialization on fire-extinguishment of higher risk (e.g.in professional kitchen).

Today, after two decades of constant effort and service, most of George and Maria Ttofatziaes' initial dreams have become true. With the valuable regular attendance of their children, they have gained by now the requisite infrastructure and know-how to offer the most complete and responsible fire protection solutions and have earned the right to set the highest targets for the future.



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